Conference and Training Workshops

The Future Healthcare Week will feature a streamed-Conference with over 40 top level conference speakers and training workshops.

For the latest conference programme, please click here. Topics to be covered include:

  • The Internet of Things in Digital Healthcare
  • An Overview and Analysis of Intelligent Patient Platforms
  • Understanding Latest Thinking and Applications of Mobile Health and eHealth
  • Challenges and Opportunities in eHealth in Hospitals
  • Tele-medicine Technology and Innovation
  • Best Practice in Tele-Medicine: International Case Studies
  • Implementing a Home Healthcare Strategy on a National Level


  • The Future Outlook for Digital Health
  • Panel Discssion: Technological Advancements and Innovation in Digital Health
  • IOT Platforms, Networks and its Role in Digital Health
  • EHealth and Mobile Health in European Practice
  • The Future Role of Mobile Technology in Surgery
  • Understanding Patients Requirements and Expectations of Digital Healthcare and New Technology
  • The Future Outlook for Home Healthcare in the UK & Europe
  • When and How to Invest in a Comprehensive Digital Healthcare Strategy?
  • Treating Chronic Illnesses Through Intervention in a Patient’s Home
  • Panel Discussion: Patient Perspectives on Technology 
  • European Case Studies
  • Panel Discussion: Tele-Medicine Experiences and Lessons Learnt across Europe
  • The Role of New Technology in Advancing Healthcare Provision
  • The Impact of Big Data on Healthcare Provision 
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Social Media


  • Developments in Video Technology and Video Consultations
  • Understanding the Challenges of Increasingly Diverse Societies (Language, Age and other Factors)
  • New Trends and Opportunities in Health Fitness
  • Home Healthcare Innovation and Advancements: Case Study of the USA

If you are interested in speaking opportunities, please get in touch with [email protected].